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Track Name: Relentless
I'll watch you go down in flames,
You ungrateful piece of shit,
I hope you get your money
and you fucking choke on it.
Track Name: Trash
All I am is fucking trash,
Use me up and throw me out,
Fucked up and disposable,
Garbage coming from my mouth,
Keep track of the shit I say,
'Cause you know it's all the truth,
I've got no need to hold back,
When I've got nothing to lose,
Mind and body broken down,
Stuck in this depressive state,
Broken teeth, no end in sight,
Nothing will ever placate,
I am just a useless fuck,
I know you look down on me,
So you can throw me away,
This is how it's meant to be.

All I am is fucking trash,
Use me once and then destroy,
You won't ever call again,
No one wants a broken toy,
I know that's my place in life,
Even though everything hurts,
Misery is comforting,
I know it could be much worse,
I'm lucky to be alive,
Just another talking head,
Just another statistic,
That's just waiting to be dead,
But I'm fine with how this is,
I've no need to be upset,
Low man on the totem pole,
I'll just take what I can get,

All I am is fucking trash,
But at least I know that much,
I don't have to fucking lie,
Just to try and keep in touch,
I'm a loathsome fucking cunt,
I drive everyone away,
While you keep sucking them in,
I was able to escape,
There is no more us, you know,
No more cheating, no abuse,
Happy to be rid of you,
I'm no longer your excuse,
I think I will just sit here,
And I will enjoy the crash,
I will watch fucking burn,
All I am is fucking trash,
But I'm still better than you
Track Name: Lapdance
You can grind up on me,
Tell me your story,
I won't listen, but, I can pretend.
A sympathetic shoulder,
To hold you over,
Just until this lapdance ends.
Track Name: All Will Drown
Left to die,
Beneath the waves,
In these depths,
Lie my grave.
A past memory,
I will make them
remember me.

The water,
Closes in,
The darkness,
Cleanses sin,
I will
Drag them down,
I will
Make them drown.
Track Name: Vitalis
It's been awhile since I've seen you.
Seems like it's been years since I've smelled your hair.
I just wanted to let you know that there's no hard feelings.
I completely understand why you don't care.
I wish I could be like you, you know?
Be able to just disconnect whenever I wanted.
But I just can't seem to unplug these wires.
Emotions always coming when they're prompted.

It's been awhile since I've seen you.